Advisory and Consultancy

We offer several consultancy services:

1.   Basic/Secondary Schools and Vocational/Training Institutes: ISMC supports you in developing the school of tomorrow with dynamic adjustable        tools throughout the process of establishing, launching, running and evaluating your institution. Our range of services includes but not limited          to:

  a. Feasibility Study with identification of successful and unique particularities for your institution to embrace considering your environment and           resources.

  b. Developing, reviewing and finalizing all institutional documents and studies in compliance with local and regional authorities and regulating             bodies and with consideration of international academic standards, best practices and quality assurance and accreditation requirements.

  c. Sustainable innovative institutional needs, adequate policies, procedures and guides with adequate flexibility, dynamism and efficiency; such           will be delivered to your door by our international experts.

  d. Regular monitoring, auditing and efficiency checkpoints will be developed for your educational institutions with adequate IT tools if needed to          assure that your boarding tables offer you adequate analytics and decision making elements to achieve excellence and sustained innovation.

  e. Head-hunting and adopting appropriate hiring processes to assure compatibility between your internal policies, procedures and processes and          the engaged human resources.

  f.  Identification and establishment of appropriate partnerships and linkages. 

2. Colleges and Universities: Nowadays Colleges and Universities are facing the challenge of having adequate program, not only in content and            structure but also in delivery and assessment to equip the youth with the required market skills, specific to their area of specialization, in                addition to a compulsory component of creativity, entrepreneurship and sustainable self-adaptability to a crucially and extremely changing              environment. Hence, ISMC will provide you with management consultancy in:

  a.Curriculum Review and Benchmark covering the macro (program structure, program outcomes, etc) and the micro(covering course content,               course assessment, teaching methodology, etc)levels.

  b.Student-centered approaches and outcome-based educational processes where we help you in not only developing the adequate assessment             tools and required automation where appropriate but also help you in disseminating such culture and accompanying your faculty members and         educational staff in succeeding such educational paradigm shift.

  c. Program Accreditation in all related steps such as:

    • Eligibility Study and Planning.
    • Audit Portfolio Development and Supporting Material Analysis.
    • Visit Preparations and Rehearsals.
    • Accreditation and Quality Assurance Culture Dissemination.
    • Improvement Plans and remedial actions with or without a contractual result engagement.

   d. Institutional Accreditation.

   e. Identifying, developing, organizing and maximizing the efficiency of Added Value and Community Engagement Events for your institutions                 taking in consideration your geo-temporal development and needs.

    f. International partnership.

Area of Expertise and Services

1. Management and Audits

  • Strategic and Operational Plan Development
  • Performance and Risk Management
  • Marketing Strategies and Branding
  • Scientific and Added value event management
  • Administrative Audit and Compliance verifications

2. Accreditations

  • Processes, Document Developments and Review, Training and Rehearsal for:
  • Local and Regional accreditation for academics and training institutions.
  • Program and institutional accreditations:
  • Local Quality Assurance Agencies.
  • ABET/ AACSB/ EQUIS/EPASS/ ECBE and others.
  • ISO Certification.

3. Curriculum Design and Review.

4. Outcome Assessments and Measurement.

5. Innovation in Teaching and Learning.

6. Quality and Excellence.

7. Research and Publications.