Innovation workshop: The currency of Success

About the workshop:

This workshop is a 6-hour (one day) inspirational training which aims to develop innovation and creative thinking for managers and work teams. The purpose of this workshop is to develop and improve innovation and creative thinking in the workplace.


Date To be announced later
Period 1 Day (6 hours)
Timing 9:00 to 16:00 (with break and lunch)
Max number of participants 20
Venue To be announced later



Outcomes of the workshop:

After completing this workshop, the trainees will:

  • Understand innovation
  • Understand the difference between idea, invention and innovation
  • Learn why innovation is important for individuals, organizations and society
  • Learn why innovation is important for individuals, organizations and society
  • Learn about the types of innovation
  • Learn about the process of innovation and innovation tools
  • Learn about the DNA of innovators and innovative companies
  • Learn about the innovation obstacles and how to overcome them
  • Experience an innovation practice through innovation games and tools



Who should attend?
Managers and Heads of Departments/ Units from different companies/ entities


Workshop Agenda:

The agenda of the workshop is presented below (subject to change):

Time What to be covered?
09:00 Introduction: Agenda and workshop rules
09:05 What is innovation?
09:15 Fields of innovation
04:48 Importance of innovation: Innovate or die (perish)
09:50 Our age: Innovation age
10:00 Types of innovation
10:15 Break
10:30 The Innovation Process
10:50 The Innovation Tools
11:10 The Innovator's DNA (mindset)
12:00 Lunchbreak
13:00 Innovation Culture in your Organisation
14:00 Innovating by Playing (explaining the game)
14:05 Break
14:20 Innovating by Playing
15:20 The Obstacles to Innovation: Mind the Innovation Gap
15:50 Wrap-up
15:55 Evaluation of the Workshop



Workshop Delivery Methods

The workshop is a practical one(experiential learning) and the following methods are used:

  • Lecture
  • Practical activities
  • Discussions
  • Cases
  • Videos
  • Games (famous innovation games)
  • Etc...

About the trainor:

Dr. Oualid Ali is a Tech evangelist and trend watcher, innovator, futurist and global speaker and influencer.
• Since 2015: Director of the Training and Smart Solutions Center (TSSC) at GUtech
• Since 2014: Founder and President of (the future is now) (future trends, future tech, smart cities, etc.)
• Since 2010: Founder of (your gate to innovation) (trend watching, innovation, technologies, etc.)