Innovative IT Solutions


Information Technology Consultancy Services

ISMC partners with the institution to develop and customize corporate needed IT solutions from educational tools to smart city-based applications. ISMC delivers tailored and cost-efficient IT tools ready for dynamic expansion and sustainable efficiency.

Specifically, ISMC is offering Student Analytics Solutions (SAS) – a modular tool that allows the efficient management of all student-related data and generation of appropriate analytical reports for data-enlightened decision making from admission and registration module, to academic records, attendance and resource management as well as invoicing for both tuition fees and support services. The institution can choose a compilation of adequate modules and decide anytime to enrich the SAS with a simple click. SAS allows the institution also to easily include specific quality assurance reports and statistics with suitable customization.

  1. Tailored Information Technology Solutions
  2. Students Analytics Solutions
  3. BigData, Analytics and Smart Cities Applications
  4. Security Audits and Information Security Solutions